It takes just a few seconds to speak up for the defenceless animals suffering in Herbal Essences tests. The more consumers pledge to boycott Herbal Essences, the more pressure they are under to stop testing on animals.

You can help spread the word and be part of a growing compassionate community by becoming a fan of our Boycott Herbal Essences page and inviting your friends to join

The more letters Herbal Essences receive from people complaining about their cruel animal testing practices, the more likely they are to mend their ways. Please try to be polite, no matter how angry or frustrated you feel!

We urgently need your donations so we can afford to inform and inspire everyone to boycott Herbal Essences, and so persuade them to stop their cruel and needless testing on animals.

Animal testing is a systematic, entrenched form of extreme cruelty carried out by powerful companies and institutions. Tackling this menace to animals requires real commitment and dedication. A small regular gift of even £3 a month provides the essential support for Uncaged campaigns to protect animals.

We have tabled a Motion in Parliament calling on the Government to enforce laws which are supposed to stop the sale of animal-tested products like Herbal Essences. If we can persuade the Government to enforce this law it will put even greater pressure on Herbal Essences to stop animal testing.

Write to your local and/or national paper to urge your community to Boycott Herbal Essences. You can reach thousands of people if your letter is printed.

You can make a real difference by leafleting or protesting outside a store selling Herbal Essences – basically any supermarket or personal products store like Boots. In just an hour you can reach hundreds of shoppers and send a powerful message to Herbal Essences!

Do you want to ensure you’re not paying for any poisoning tests on animals? Find out more about our Global Boycott Procter & Gamble campaign, and information about which companies do and don’t test on animals. By donating £5 or more (£7 outside UK) you can order a 80 page Compassionate Shopping Guide – the essential tool to make sure you’re not funding animal cruelty!