Understanding the Process of Wooden Floor Sanding

Perhaps it would be good to describe first what floor sanding literally means. Well, the process involves removing the upper surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding the surface with abrasive materials. Homeowners have adopted wood flooring because it is more attractive and increases the aesthetic value of homes. Experts for floor sanding Hornsby has to offer aim at helping you maintain your wooden floor.

floor sanding hornsby

Genuine wood requires time-to-time renovations to make it remain perfect. Sanding is one of the techniques to achieve that objective. Professionals for floor sanding Hornsby has to offer use sanding techniques to deal with a wide range of wooden floors including particleboard, timber, cork, and parquet. Each floor requires a different level of sanding process, which is why it is advisable to obtain relevant support from professionals for floor sanding Hornsby currently provides.

The process of floor sanding

The process mainly involves three stages as follows:

•    Preparation

It is the first stage of the floor sanding process. If the floor is being renovated, it is advisable to extract the previous covering first. It is also important to remove nail heads that protrude above the boards since they can damage the sanding machines.

•    Sanding

To make the floor level, experts use coarse-grit papers to remove existing coatings. For example, 40-grit is the most preferred paper to execute the first cut. There are no height differences between the boards. The edges are used to sand areas that larger sanders cannot reach. The second cut involves 80-grit papers, which is complemented by the belt sander. The experts then use a finishing machine to wind up sanding the floor and to create a desirable look.

•    Coating with a new protective finish

 For a protective finish, Hornsby floor sanding experts use sealants to coat the floor and to provide safety from challenges such as temperature and foot traffic. During this process, the security of the contractors should be a concern since oil-based sealants are great health hazards: they should wear a respirator mask.

Other services offered

The best floor sanding in Hornsby comes along with other services to suit the needs of a client. These services include timber flooring, recycling, and wood decking. The ability to supply and install materials required in floor sanding is a big boost to both the service providers and potential clients. The contractors remain in a position to give necessary advice and work with the budget of customers.

Issues that may arise during sanding

Usually, different timber species provide different levels for sanding. This means that there is a limit to observe when sanding these floors.

You should also keep in mind that when sanding old boards, in some cases they might expose worm-eaten cores that ruin the appearance of the floor.


However, although some people may consider sand flooring an expensive project, it is worth the investment. For one, it increases the resale value of your property and if maintained well, it can last a lifetime. You can read articles, magazines, and visit the website for you to acquire more information on floor sanding and above all consult specialists to make an informed decision. For more details visit HTTP://WWW.AJFLOORING.COM.AU/FLOOR-SANDING-HORNSBY

What has led to the immense popularity of flat pack kitchens in recent times

Since the beginning of the 21st century, there has been a remarkable increase in the flat pack kitchens industry with the parallel rise in home renovation projects under a reasonable budget. This has considerably altered the manner in which people remodel their homes and kitchen spaces by making it effortless to put together various elements that a person wants and needs. It’s already halfway passed through 2016 yet the innovative kitchen trends of this year show no signs of relenting. More and more people are opting for the do-it-yourself projects as these provide them with a choice and assurance of mixing and matching the best fit outs, drawers, cabinetry and everything else that are precisely shaped and cut according to the measurements and specifications of your kitchen, and you will just have to fit everything in place quite like solving a jigsaw puzzle.

flat pack kitchens

flat pack kitchens

Unlimited choice in designs and structure

Once you have put together each and every component supplied by the manufacturer, you now have a complete, functioning and well-organized kitchen. Normally, the flat pack kitchens are custom crafted and delivered to the doorstep within 2 to 3 weeks depending on the project.  It doesn’t confine your choice in terms of designs, shapes or sizes in any way. These kinds of kitchen designs offer ample flexibility and are comparatively cheaper than a brand-new kitchen makeover. Also, it allows you to keep a few old things and pair them up with new components to permeate a freshness and novelty in your kitchen design.

Easy to put together

The flat pack kitchens are crafted in such a way so that you can effortlessly put the pieces back together to furnish your kitchen. If you have easy access to basic tools like a hammer and a screwdriver and know how to use them, you will be able to install them without a fuss. Also, each of the components comes with detailed instructions and fixtures that you may need to install. Plus, you can feel relieved at the fact that there will be no void spaces in between the fixtures as they are precisely cut and minutely finished so that when you install them, they will look as if being fixed by a professional.

 Cheaper price without any contradictions

The flat pack kitchens in Australia help in saving thousands of dollars, which would otherwise have been spent on professional installations. But there is nothing to feel that cheaper kitchen fixtures and furnishing would not last in the long run. There is absolutely no compromise with the features or quality of the components, and you can be rest assured that they are durable and help you save on costs in the long run.

An infinite choice of themes and styles

Lastly, the best flat pack kitchen AU offers comes in a variety of styles as per the latest trends so that you can choose the ones that match the theme of your entire interior décor. For instance, if you are an admirer of an all-white colour scheme, you can choose everything from splashbacks to cupboards, from countertops to fixtures tinged in subtle shades of white.

But for all these, it is imperative to find flat pack kitchens in Australia, who can help you create your desired kitchen design without digging a hole in your wallet.