My Emotions

Naming Your Feelings to Own Them

I feel so sad. I feel so hopeless. I feel broken and alone and fucking frightened. I feel tired. I feel frustrated. I feel so angry.  I feel confused. I feel forgotten. I feel lonely. I feel hungry. I feel exhausted.

I know the explanations for these emotions. I could clarify the purposes behind whatever is left of my life. A few reasons cover, some aren’t reasonable. Most aren’t reasonable.

At times working out the purposes for my emotions aggravate me feel, however. That is to say, in case you’re feeling something you would prefer not to feel, putting it under a magnifying instrument can be the exact opposite thing you need to do.

So don’t. Or, on the other hand offer yourself a reprieve from it for a day.

I feel such a large number of awful things and it’s permitted. Nobody needs to settle it for me. Nobody can settle it for me. Simply let me feel these things. I feel them and they’re genuine and imagining they aren’t is a bad form.

Remark beneath with how you’re feeling (or compose your emotions elsewhere if online doesn’t feel like the best stage). Check whether you can do as such without clarifying your sentiments. Simply possess them. Check whether naming your sentiments helps those emotions change.

I am so fucking a long way from alright however that is alright. We can deal with it. We should deal with it together.

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