Is CBD For Health A Good Choice?

August 17, 2021 0 Comments

If you’re looking for CBD for health, you may be overwhelmed with all the hype about the little plant. Many people swear by CBD products and believe that they are the answer to ongoing problems. Before taking CBD for health, make sure you know the facts. Here are five common claims about CBD:

Anti-inflammatory: Some experts make the claim that CBD can reduce or even eliminate some symptoms of inflammation, such as joint pain, headache, and soreness. Research is ongoing into what effect CBD has on inflammation and how it can improve overall health. Studies have shown that CBD Lube can help keep an active body by reducing inflammation and dealing with pain. It also may reduce the psychological stress brought on by depression and anxiety. More studies are needed to confirm these CBD health claims.

Pain Relief: CBD is believed to work as an anti-inflammatory, reducing pain. It is not currently considered a cure, but it has been shown to ease some symptoms of pain. For example, if your joint is inflamed, taking CBD might reduce some of the pain you feel, while also reducing some of the inflammation. As with any pharmaceutical or skin drug, however, CBD should be used with caution in any case where you have any type of heart or liver condition or are pregnant. Also, CBD should never be used on broken skin or cuts because it could worsen the problem.

Anti-Aging: Some experts believe CBD can be used to slow the effects of aging on the body. They suggest that CBD might be useful in combating the skin wrinkles, loss of muscle tone, and loss of physical strength that comes as a result of age. Again, much more research is needed to substantiate these CBD health claims. However, as with any pharmaceutical or topical application, CBD should be used with caution around the eyes, mouth and nose. For pregnant women, nursing mothers and anyone with a pre-existing medical condition, it is best to consult a medical professional before applying CBD.

Anxiety Reduction: In laboratory tests, CBD has been shown to reduce both anxiety and tremors in certain people suffering from the disorder. CBD does not currently have a full list of side effects just yet, but many of the other natural anti-inflammatories on the market are associated with serious potential side effects. For this reason, and because it works so well at counteracting the neuro-inflammation that is caused by Parkinson’s, CBD should be considered as an alternative to conventional medications when it comes to treating Parkinson’s and similar syndromes. In the meantime, CBD has been successfully used as an anti-depressant, anxiety reducer and anti-anxiety remedy.

Stress Reduction: While it is not clear how CBD affects the brain directly, it is likely that it acts on the nervous system to reduce inflammation that may lead to pain or stress. It is unknown if the reduction of inflammation results in less pain, but it could. The reduction of inflammation may help the body heal itself more quickly after injury or surgery or reduce symptoms that are not improving no matter what treatment you are receiving. It may also help prevent future damage that can occur from increased inflammation. Of course, we need to see clinical trials in order to determine how CBD affects the body.

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