Fun Online Games To Play

April 1, 2021 0 Comments

Already told you that playing classic console video games is still very fun. While only playing old-age FaceTime on your CRT television gets old quickly, there are other ways to interact with your fellow gamers online. So many free games are offering creative and unique ways to connect with your online friends. Here are some of the best ones:

Age of Empires: A turn-based strategy game where you take control of one of four empires and wage war against other civilizations for total domination. Each level has new objectives as well as more difficult challenges. This game is fully customizable so that you can spend as long or as little time playing as possible. If you want something a bit slower to spend your time on, you can try Age of Empires II, which is a smaller game with fewer levels. Click for more information.

Castle Crasher: A co-op action/adventure game where you help the little red guy fight his evil father. The graphics and sound effects are cute and the storyline is comical at times but otherwise pretty lighthearted. This is one of the more kid-friendly games on the site.

Dear Esther: As you know, the game involves a virtual doll and you help her solve puzzles to become more interactive. In this game, you help the girl solve problems by clicking on different buttons on her virtual doll’s body. The scenes are beautifully rendered and are made even more life-like through the use of motion graphics. The difficulty level can also be adjusted to suit your skill level. Some of the levels require more thinking than others.

FarmVille: Create your own farm and watch your crops grow and flourish. If you’re looking for a game that teaches real value to hard work and effort, then play FarmVille. It is a game that requires hours of work and patience in developing your farm. You can improve your crops, house and animals by planting seeds and adding fertilizer.

These are just some of the fun games to play online that will entertain and relieve you from stress. Most of these games require an internet connection and a browser with flash player installed. However, it is recommended to have a good computer and broadband connection for these kinds of games to work effectively. You can choose from a wide variety of free online games to play if you want to relax and unwind. Find one or two that interests you and start having fun.

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