Why should schools start recycling?


As the current generation becomes more and more aware of the effects of human activity on our environment, we become more mindful of the things that we are doing and on how we can minimise these effects. Recently, the population has been more keen on recycling and its benefits to stopping climate change. But recycling can be quite challenging for those who are still picking it up. That is why it is a great opportunity to introduce a recycling culture to the younger generation through schools. Here are the reasons why classroom recycling bins and other school recycling methods are good ideas.

classroom recycling bins

Teaches kids the value of recycling

Recently, more and more people have turned towards recycling as a means to minimize their effects on the environment by maximizing the use of the things that they use daily. It is important that children start to adopt this mindset as soon as possible and schools are the perfect venue for this. They get to recycle together with their peers further instilling this habit within themselves.

Start them young

Recycling is a habit as much as a lifestyle. And like any other habit, starting early on makes it easier to pick up. Children are like a sponge that easily absorb anything and if a community fosters the values of recycling, it incentivises kids to adopt the lifestyle. Over time, this becomes almost second nature to them which they bring into adulthood. Even simple things like installing outside bins and enforcing their use can easily influence their behaviour.

Campaign reach

There are millions of young students who enrol every year across the world. Every year they throw out a huge amount of rubbish like paper cups, cans, and bottles. These items get dumped in landfills despite the fact that about 80% of these are recyclable. By setting up recycling programs⁠—⁠like classroom recycling bins—you get to dramatically reduce a huge source of garbage each year, you also educate millions of people to turn towards recycling. Over time, this could lead to better garbage segregation and disposal due to a shift in mentality.

How to introduce recycling into your school

There is a lot that can be done to introduce learners to recycling. Most of these won’t even require a huge amount of effort either. One of the easiest and most effective methods is to put up classroom recycling bins. Then you could start educating the pupils to always be mindful of the rubbish that they throw by segregating them into the designated bins.

Another thing to look at is the use of proper equipment. Segregation is more than just grouping rubbish into smaller groups and chucking them in a separate container. One must also take care not to let any cross-contamination can happen between containers. Therefore, one must use containers that are designed to handle certain materials which makes the recycling process much easier.

And finally, having a system in place makes recycling efficient as well as intuitive for young students. Colour coding the bins help them easily memorize and recognize where certain trash is to be placed. Alternatively, you can encourage them to come up with recycling bin ideas to make them a lot more fun. Additionally, the location where you put those bins can dramatically influence their mindset. Placing them in prominent, convenient, and highly visible areas will make recycling a lot more doable.

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