Jewelry That Will Honor Your Deceased Loved One

January 26, 2021 0 Comments

網上鑽石 Wedding diamonds came into being when couples decided to have the ashes of their loved ones incorporated into the setting of their weddings. Diamonds have long been adored as a symbol of love and fidelity, so it came as no surprise that couples wanted to use them for the ceremony and reception they would have as their wedding dayestones. The ashes of their loved one could be kept in a jeweler’s box or even buried at the bride and groom’s feet. But, either way, the ashes of their loved one must be treated with dignity and respect just as you would treat the wedding ring that symbolizes your love and commitment.

It is important to have your loved ones’ ashes treated with respect. You may have gone to a jeweler who offers the convenience of engraving a special phrase on the ring to commemorate your loved ones, but do it in a tasteful manner. Some jewelers sell wedding diamonds as engagement rings; they simply place the ashes inside the band, along with a note from the jeweler encouraging you to keep the ring and passing on. While these rings are fine for use with the ashes of your dead family member, lab-grown diamonds are a different matter.

Lab-grown diamonds have been heralded for their striking color, clarity and quality. They also make wonderful engagement rings as well as wedding rings for your dead loved one. Instead of using traditional white gold or platinum wedding bands for your engagement and wedding rings, why not consider a lab-grown diamond? These unique diamonds capture the same brilliance and color as the original, without the need for an elaborate engraving.

Unlike regular diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are harvested from locations where wild ore naturally occurs. When the stone is removed from the earth, it does not go through a process to make it available for sale on the market. It is harvested from the surrounding environment, so it has not been treated chemically and does not come in synthetic forms. Because lab-grown diamonds are so unique, if you have a diamond engagement ring, it is highly recommended that you purchase it from an expert jeweler.

Because these diamonds have not been processed, there is more of a chance for color variation than with regular diamonds. Some engagement rings that feature lab-grown diamonds will have a pink hue, while other rings will have a deeper blue or purple hue. These shades are most commonly seen in naturally mined diamonds, but they can occur in man-made gems as well. However, lab-grown diamonds do not contain any metallic nickel, which can be found in some natural diamonds, so the shade of the gemstone will be completely different.

If you want to honor your deceased loved one, there is no better way than presenting them with meaningful jewelry that will also help to pay off debts and honor their memory. With these unique diamonds, you can ensure that you are keeping your loved one in your life forever and helping them to live on in their legacy. When you buy a special diamond engagement ring with diamonds that were grown using the power of the sun and an archer to create them, you are really giving them something unique. These beautiful diamonds are so unlike any gem that you will ever come across.

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