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In many cities, a hot nightlife scene is reserved for the weekend. In Seoul, however, the party continues during the week. Seoul features a vibrant nightlife scene that is filled with open hours that stretch the whole night long. Many of Seoul’s clubs, bars, and pubs feature thematic nights like Lady’s Night. Some bars offer live music performances while others are known for their hot DJs.

During peak time hours, however, you can expect the price to double, and the chances for any free time added are scarce. Songbooks typically come with a huge song selection. Apart from Korean, there are also English, Japanese, and Chinese songs. Each song has a number next to it and is arranged alphabetically.

Our Trips are suitable for both solo travellers and friends who want to explore the world together. Typically, rooms are overly flashy, while some are even themed or offer a selection of costumes that visitors can use. The sound-proof rooms are also fully equipped for singing, boasting microphones, a large video screen, couches, and mood décor such as disco lights and tambourines. Disposable microphone covers are also provided at more upscale businesses.

The exact price depends on the number of people as well as the noraebang itself. If you’d like to learn more about how much this costs, you can first read our article on Korean money. Moreover, if there are five people or fewer, try to take turns to sing, even when one person is not as good at singing as others. This way, everyone can enjoy the atmosphere of noraebang. Please note that even if you are a good singer, keeping the microphone and singing is also regarded as no “nunchi’. You can look at the signboard and you’ll see the word 홍대호빠 the Korean name of norebang.

These stores sell beer and other types of liquor. They make the city nightlife scene a little more exciting because they sell cheap drinks to accompany cheap but delicious street foods. Whether you’re a soprano or an alto, whether you can carry a tune or not, no one makes it out without singing at least one song. A bonus to the noraebong though, unlike karaoke bars back home, is that they’re private and only those that you’ve gone in with will be privy to your singing aptitude.

Hongdae is the entertainment area for Seoul students so if you want to experience noraebang culture in Korea, Hongdae is a place not to be missed. This area has many restaurants, clubs and especially, noraebang. Having fun in this area is very convenient because everything is available. Korean students often meet their friends, go shopping and have dinner in restaurants before going to noraebang. Sing off the morning booze while escaping the blazing sun at Hongdae’s Luxury Su Noraebang!

When it comes to noraebang, four seems to be the magic number as everyone gets a good chance to sing, but it’s not uncommon for ten to twenty people to squeeze into a room. Have a good rest I will definitely come back again the next time I go to Seoul. Just picked up this hotel to refresh myself. It’s a good location where close to public transportation. I asked for a bath tub room in advance when I made to a reservation and they helped me to have a room with a nice bath tub. I’d recommend this hotel if you’d like to refresh or healing yourself for a day.

Even the poshest of areas can’t get by without a noraebong, aka Korean karaoke bar, in a basement. Korea had reported 153 cases connected to the cluster in Itaewon, Seoul’s party district, as of Friday noon, with most of them in their 20s or younger. Some 63 infections involved people who had not visited the area, which are believed to be secondary and tertiary transmission cases. But it might be time to let your wallet cool off with some cheap eats and draft beer. Pub-style bar hopping is best experienced at the trendy “newtro” area of Euljiro. Alternatively, the natural wine scene has really taken off after the first natural wine bar, Big Lights, opened in 2017.

If you select this option, we’ll highlight hotels and amenities popular with business travelers. Noraebang offers the perfect opportunity to have a great time with friends without worrying about embarrassing yourself in public. Even if you can’t sing well, get up and dance or shake the tambourines to get into the spirit. Although there are hundreds upon hundreds of songs available at a noraebang, some songs are, of course, more popular than others.

Hugely popular among Koreans of all ages, these private singing rooms are essentially a part of Korean life. However, they can be slightly intimidating for the unknowing novice. Follow our guide to properly enjoy your night out at the noraebang, without making any rookie mistakes. Want to be assured of staying in an area with great night life and plenty of noraebongs around?

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